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Wind Ridge Farm: Hate Mail
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Hate Mail


We have received congratulatory correspondence from many people in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia regarding our website. The vast majority have been thankful for the information available free of charge. As is obvious from the title page, this is a farm website. We believe animals should be raised in as close to natural surroundings as possible to provide them a safe, happy animal home. However, some people believe that Potbellies should not be eaten because they see them as pets. There are many Potbellies that need to be "rescued" because their popularity as pets quickly waned. These former pet owners wouldn’t think of eating them, but have no problem dumping them.

As to some insisting potbellies are pets and somehow different than other pigs, this is simply untrue. Potbellies will freely interbreed with any other pig and have fertile offspring. Some zealots have abused this fact to have potbellies classified as pets in some regions and then, by extension, managed to ban all pork production. Whether an animal is called livestock, pet or pest mostly depends on where you live. Somewhere in the world, all "pets" are considered food, including dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, parrots, lizards, etc. Personally, I believe it is animal abuse to keep a pig in a house and deprive it the basic desires to root and socialize with other pigs.

The basic nature of pigs.

There are those in the land of luxury who talk about Potbelly pigs as "natural pets". I have observed many, many generations of potbellies, many generations of sheep and a couple of generations of dogs. The basic nature of these animals is evident in the way the mother and young offspring respond to their first encounter with humans, when they are only days old.

With dogs, both the pups and the mothers are happy for the encounter. The pups go out of their way to have a friendly interaction, and the mothers are happy about it. Puppies that have been dumped in the country by some unscrupulous person have, after being covered with hundreds of ticks and wandered in the woods for likely several days found our house and come running up to me like I was a long lost friend. Luckily I was able to nurse them back to health and find homes for them. It is well known that it is poor judgment for an unknown person to approach a mother dog with pups.

In sheep, the lambs are curious if approached within the first week, and gradually over time they become a little more skittish. The ewes have lowered their heads and stamped in disapproval, but so far have never attacked. I am sure, if they thought the lamb was being harmed, the ewes and rams would attack, because I have seen them attack other creatures that have wandered between an ewe and her lamb.

With pigs, the behavior has been very different. The sows have been completely indifferent about our approach to examine the litter. Even if we pick up a piglet, and it starts to squeal in that deafening way that tiny pigs can manage, the mother simply grunts and ambles around, looking for any corn it thinks we might have dropped. Her glance back at the piglet, if there is even that, appears to have the manner as if to say, "What do you want now, do you ever stop screaming?" The piglets have an innate fear of people, and will squeal and run at amazingly fast bursts of speed to run away. Pigs do not naturally take to domestication, or handling by humans. In order to make them manageable, people take the piglets away from the sows and bottle feed them. They deprive the piglet access to its mother. The mother’s response to this is complete indifference

What follows is the hate mail we have received regarding our philosophy. The comments need no commentary, since the aberrant nature of them speaks for itself. They are included unedited. All the way at the end are some spoof hate mails sent to us by supporters.










I find it interesting that your web site has many untrue facts in it. Maybe it is so you can promote something so you can make the all mighty dollar. First potbelly pigs are extremely intelligent animals, yes they do use their brains. Also you are promoting them as "organic" meat just because they graze, allow a regular farm pig to do the same and he will be "organic" too. It also amazes me that you promote them as better pork, yet you also state that it will be tough if not cooked a certain way. It sounds to me as if you just want to make a buck anyway possible. You say you're not cruel to animals. Maybe when they are in your care they are well cared for (questionable) and so you can make that sound legitimate, but what you are promoting is not facts about potbelly pigs, and that is cruel. They do not need their canine teeth removed to be social. They are so intelligent that they actually can become members of ones family, (they train better than dogs). I am the owner of an extremely smart potbelly pig, that was never livestock, livestock is raised to be eaten, usually on a farm. My pig has never seen a farm, she was born in a house so was her mother and father. Pork is the only meat I do not eat, I am not vegetarian, contrary to belief that pig owners are. I don't eat pork, not because I don't like it, but out of respect for this phenomenally incredible creature that you belittle just to make a buck. It is sad, because no, these creatures were not raised to be eaten, they were breed in this country, actually Canada originally, as pets. You are the one using them a pork. Would you eat your dog??? Would you sell your dog to be slaughtered??? You probably would if the price was right!



You people make me ill. I can only hope that one day the bullet ricochets as you say it can, and your pigs can have you for dinner.




Pot Bellied pigs are not for consumption. That is the farm hogs position. Pot bellied pigs make great pets and companionship. They are wonderful, very smart, they know exactly what is going on all the time. They are pets. They are beautiful. Please stop using them for meat. This is just cruel.



hello i just saw you presentation of the pot belly pig -- butchering and meat --- ARE YOU kidding --- more meat on you not all grissel like on the pot belly i am sure...pot bellys are in this country as pets -NOT MEAT you should hate yourself and hopefully the people you sell these very intellegent kind trusting animal too will come back to complain and want THERE MONEY BACK ARE YOU JUST A PERSON WITHOUT A CONSCIENCE LOOKING FOR A QUICK BUCK AT ANY EXPENSE -- MAY GOD FORGIVE YOU --- THINK HE WILL? BUT YOU PROBABLY DON'T BELIEVE IN HIM OR YOU WOULDN'T BE THE TYPE OF PERSON YOU ARE selling these wonderful creatures of god for food instead of companions. why don't you show yourself you are the good person you want to be and instead of having these animals that are highly intelligent - right below us humans being sold for food --- have them sold or actually adopted out to people who want a wonderful and loving companion for life --- these little guys can make you so happy when sad and bring joy into your life --why not go out to your pastures and see if i am wrong or right. they deserve to be loved and give love --- not a meal that is not worthy of eating........please re-think your thought process of these babies - PLEASE - you will feel so wonderful when you realize they are deserving to live their lives out until a ripe old age instead of being killed for that quick buck.

Cyndi Davison



Your web page makes me sick. Pot - bellied pigs are intelligent animals that should not be butchered for meat. Your explanation of the killing and butchering of these wonderful creatures is appalling. Please quit dealing in meat and start making your garden larger.


Rita McVey



You eat Pot Belly Pigs..I grew up in Monticello, Ky. On a pig farm. But eating a pot belly pig is like eating your family dog. And NO I do NOT own one. But have several friends that do. And you are a liar on your website. And you are giving out false information. It is a shame that you would do this to this to these animals. How do you find out that they are better tasting? And how to cook them? Did you experiment with these poor creatures? Sounds like animal cruelty to me. This will be investigated A.S.A.P.


You really should be getting your facts straight! You obviously know very little to NOTHING about potbellied pigs! But someone as ignorant and arrogant as you wouldn't know the truth if it bit you on the butt and someday, it most certainly will! I'm willing to bet that the pigs you're raising, selling and consuming are more intelligent than you are! But that wouldn't take much, would it! Sorry to have insulted your pigs!
Ali Ebert


Where did you get the idea that you/anyone should be butchering and eating potbellied pigs?
These pigs are meant as a companion animal. Would you eat your dog and cat?
Do you realize there are potbellied sanctuaries all over the United States saving these pigs. If they were meant to be consumed do you really think so many people would be running rescue and saving them from the hands of people like yourself?
Do you still practice this or have you been shamed into shutting down?

Carol Infalt
Rome, Wisconsin


I have a potbelly for a pet. She is smart, loving, just like our dogs and cats....these are pets.....my opinion, is ...wat is wrong with u people? Guess like many, just out for dollars....
Sherry Green


I am a proud mother of 3 beautiful potbellied loves and my 1 and only female is pregnant and getting on this website has made me sick to my stomach just to let everyone know potbellied pig meat is not pork!! And they should never be eaten. They r pets I have 2 Vietnamese potbellied loves and one wild boar mixed with potbellied.. They r smarter than my dogs and cat. It makes me feel as if I should just interview everyone who wants a baby. And when I got my last male, he was abused but now I have had him for less than a month and he is the sweetest baby in the world I love my pigs more than any other animal. Don't kill them it is animal cruelty. U know something funny, they can eat u and noone will ever find Jr remains... Think about that! Dumbass people. I swear. Who do u think u r?

The following are spoof hate mails sent to us by supporters for our (and now your) enjoyment.

I can’t believe you! Eating a pot-belly pig is like eating a baby, only not as delicious. Would you eat a baby? I bet you would, wouldn’t you, you baby-eating, pot-belly pig peddling, baby-eater. Eating babies is no better than taking lewd pictures of pot-belly pigs and posting them on the internet. People like you make me sick, with your posting pictures of pigs, dressed up in lingerie and all whored-up with excessive makeup and cheap french perfumes. My wife, and two of my children are pot-belly pigs, you know. I bet you’d eat them, given half the chance, wouldn’t you, you godless heathen, eating up all of god's most beautiful and magnanimous creatures. My pig-wife and I have never eaten anything but sand. And let me tell you, it is twice as delicious and nutritious as any baby I’ve ever eaten. So tell me mister, I-Raise-Livestock-For-The-Health-Of-My-Family-And-Because-It-Is-The-Natural-Order-Of-Things, where can I get a picture of that sexy pig in lingerie? My marriage is failing. One of my kids looks like my neighbour's goats.

(We just bought some potbelly pigs for livestock and were doing researching on your website. We were so tickled by your hatemail that we wanted to try it too!)

What truly differentiates this from real hate mail is that we bothered to spell check it; The logic is the same.


You heartless pot bellied pig eating bastards! As soon as I read your hate mail I spit the Pot Belly pork roast right out of my mouth. I mean, how was I to know that the pot belly was the only intelligent breed of pig? No one told me that all the other breeds of pig were really stupid. All this time I thought I was eating really smart store bought pork chops. You mean I could have challenged those hogs to a game of chess instead of making a sandwich out of them? The shame! As soon as I get done eating this excellent prosciutto I'm going to file down my canine teeth and I'm never going to eat Chinese food again. I think I'm going to paint my pot bellies to look like Berkshires so I won't feel quite so bad. I am so upset I could eat a BLT about now.

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